Science Vista

Science Vista

Science Vista provides students with hands on science experiments that fit within the Next Generation Science Standards and Common Core.  All students from kindergarten through sixth grade spend 1-2 hours per laboratory session exploring ideas and concepts relating to the grade level standards and topics chosen by their teachers.  Each grade level receives 3 laboratory sessions throughout the school year. Giving a student the opportunity to try to assemble a simple circuit using the necessary tools provides them a greater understanding of the overall concept of electrical currents than if that student was to just read about it in a text book.  The hands on process also gives students a chance to attempt, fail (or not) and then improve until success is achieved.  Teachers chose specific units of study and front load students with knowledge and understanding which then leads into a culmination science laboratory.  


Students have expressed both verbally and written that they enjoy and learn exciting new things in Science Vista.  Teachers liked the program from its pilot 2 years ago with only a single experiment that year to 3 experiments per grade level in the 2015-2016 school year.  


Parents and guardians of students are ALWAYS welcome to come and help out or watch our Science Vista labs.  It is a great way to be involved in your child's class. Absolutely no experience is necessary but please follow the district guidelines for volunteering. 

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