We are so excited to begin our See’s Candy fundraiser! Since all of the students at Sakamoto will benefit from this fundraiser, we greatly appreciate everyone’s participation.


This year, orders will be placed directly online in our See’s Candy Holiday Shop! Click the link below:




**IMPORTANT** When an order is placed online, please be sure that your child’s last name and their teacher’s last name is placed in the “Delivery” section at the checkout page. Doing this will ensure that your order (and your friends, family, neighbors and co-workers orders!) will get to your teacher and child. See example below!

Please enter your child's last name here followed by his or her teacher's last name.

Important Dates:


12/1/17 – Fundraiser closes. All orders must be placed before this date!


12/11/17 – Candy will be delivered to our school. The PTO will work with teachers to distribute the candy to the children to take home.


Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns! Let’s make this the most successful See’s Candy fundraiser yet!